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Smart approval process

Approve it easy

The approval process can be launched in SAP ERP!We have created a multifunctional system for agreement procedures for any object using the SAP Business Workflow tool. The system can also be adapted to your goals.Our development team will be able to customize the approval process in SAP. This is extremely important because the biggest challenge in the implementation of the SAP Business Workflow tool is a lack of the necessary knowledge to do this, according to 63% of our survey participants.According to our other survey, 61 % need to automate just procurement operations with the help of SAP Business Workflow. This part of business activity leads others (for example, finance or sales) by a wide margin. A good example of automating work with purchase orders is setting up a workflow such as the approval process in SAP ERP.And indeed, the agreement procedure that works automatically according to the established scheme is able to simplify the work of the purchasing department, reduce time costs, and minimize the risk of making mistakes.So how does it work?There are business objects (e.g., purchase orders) in the SAP system for which this solution is required. The execution is based on the process route, and, together with the attributes and linked objects, it creates an approval object. The process route allows you to execute different activities (approval, improvement, etc.) using activity functions (approve, reject, etc.) and assign responsible executors.The project has become all-purpose and can provide many additional benefits, including the usage of templates, strategic opportunities, and notification management.For launching, we fulfill only 2 steps: a) determine your business object and b) provide the required IMG settings.Would you like to try the approval process for your enterprise? ➡ Contact us via

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